What is wireless internet?

It is the internet that reaches your place without use of cable.


What is the customer service phone number?

The customer number is +30 21 5000 5000.


Which is the duration of our contract?

The duration of our contract is 24 months since the first activation or the last renewal of it.


Do you also have stable telephony?

We have stable telephony using Voip method.


What is Voip telephony?

Voip (Voice over internet protocol) is the most modern method of telephony communication with total freedom, device combability.


How can I get informed about the remaining time that I have from stable telephone to mobile telephone?

You can get informed by using the personal codes, that we will provide you, in the platform of stable telephony that you will find in our site.


How can i get informed when my account is issued?

Your account is issued every 30 days from your registration date.


How can I find which areas Skytelecom network covers?

You can use the communication platform in our site or by calling our customer service center.


Can I transfer my Skytelecom equipment?

The equipment can be transferred only if skytelecom network covers this area and after you communicate our technical department.


What is the cost of Skytelecom‘s equipment?

The cost of the equipment is proportional to the program the subscriber will choose.


How can I become a subscriber/user in Skytelecom?

By completing and submitting SKYTELECOM’s application form and submitting the necessary supporting documents, either in our shop personally or by email.


What are the supporting documents needed to become a SKYTELECOM subscriber?

If you are an individual, all you need is your ID card

If you are an Individual Business you need to submit:

ID Card.

TAXIS starting business document.

If you are a company you need to submit:

Identity card of the legal representative.

The statute of the company.


Can I use my own stable phone device or am I obliged to change?

You can use the same device by mounting an adapter to convert your phone to VOIP, or by buying a VOIP phone DEVICE.

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