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Skytelecom is a modern company, which provides wireless internet.
Since its first day of operation, it has been serving its customers consistently, building a relationship of trust and cooperation between us and them.
Through our wireless network, we are able to offer real speeds to home customers and not only.
We have the ability to cover needs of every home, as well as the needs of α modern business.
Our team, is consisted of over-qualified people, having years of experience.
Skytelecom has been licensed by EETT (National Telecommunications & Post Commission) since 2015 with license number 16-121.



Enjoy the quickest surf you ‘ve ever had, with guaranteed speeds up to 500 Mbps, out of our proprietary wireless net of Skytelecom everywhere you are.


Communicate with everybody being home or on his/her mobile phone, enjoying the even modern method of Voip telephony.


Create your own internal net sharing our services wireless, through Skytelecom.

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